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Why Do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer?
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Why Do the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer?

We are all creatures of habit whether we want to believe it or not. Everything we do is because of certain habits that started from our earliest years. As children we learn how to do things because of what our parents did. As we learned to emulate them, what we did became a habit. Once a habit was established, they became part of us.

Being poor or being rich is simply a matter of continually doing the same things over and over. It is all a matter of habits. Poor people will continue to think and do the same thing that keeps them poor. Richest peoples think in ways and do things that will make them richer. Truly rich people know the “value and habit” of a dollar. When I’m talking about rich people, I mean people who created their own wealth, not from inheriting it or winning a lottery. It’s about the mindset of the person through established habits they developed.

People who are poor haven’t learned how to think or be rich. They take their learning from what they learned as children and the people they were around. They were told that in order to make it in the world that they had to go to school. While I agree a good education is important, it will not make you rich. That’s not what they teach.

Yet, poor people can become rich by changing their habits. They have to learn to think differently than their background. They can learn by reading about rich people and reading what rich people read. This will start a habit. They can plan for what they want in much the same way that rich people do. They should take action in much the same way as a rich person. If you want to get rich, then start to create the habits of rich people. Like any goal, creating a wealthy mindset will be a challenge. Many people who are rich started from the middle class level and even poverty. They made a decision to change their status. They started reading what wealthy people read. They started associating with people who are rich.

That is what you should be doing too. Associating with rich people will help instill the same mindset and help you to develop habits of the rich. Think of it like an internship. If you agree to spend some time with them by helping them, then they will help you too.

Napoleon Hill approached Andrew Carnegie when he was young and wanted to work for him. Young Mr. Hill also wanted to learn how to be rich. Mr. Carnegie issued a challenge to Napoleon in which he would not be paid. He was to go on a journey and interview the most successful people in their fields. He was to find out what made them successful. Napoleon Hill took that challenge. It took him approximately 20 years. During this time he took odd jobs to help feed, clothe, and shelter him. Yet, at the end he discovered what it truly meant to be rich.

Napoleon Hill wrote what he saw and create a volume of books known as The Law of Success (in 8 volumes) and published in 1928. He later narrowed it down to the most important points. This was first published in 1937 as Think and Grow Rich.
Start your own journey today.

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